Despite of the weak market for enterprise applications, hit most recently by the downturn in the global economy and cautious spending post September 11 but also still suffering the after-effects of Y2K investment, Intentia managed to post a net revenue rise of 24 per cent in 2001 to SEK4,013 million.

Operating earnings increased by SEK390 million to SEK100 million, compared to a loss of SEK290m in 2000.

The upward trend during the year accelerated in the fourth quarter when net revenue climbed by 31 per cent, operating earnings totalled SEK106m, and cash flow was SEK368m.

The decisive and by far the most important development in 2001 was the release of Movex Version 12, a complete enterprise application that heeds the business processes and models that have emerged in recent years. This version contains an assortment of new applications and solutions for e-Business, Supply Chain Management, Value Chain Collaboration, Customer Relationship Management and Business Performance Measurement. Intentia launched some 35 totally new products in conjunction with the release of Movex version 12.

In a statement, the company said that the number of ongoing procurement projects continued to increase during the year and the percentage of large customers also grew. License orders climbed by 7 per cent to SEK1.238m for the year, up from 1,157; license revenue rose by 20 per cent to SEK1.201m; upgrades generated SEK350m; and new sales totalled SEK851m.

Looking ahead to 2002, president and chief executive officer Björn Algkvist said that while the company expects license revenue growth within the framework of its existing sales organisation, selective enlargement of the consulting organisation will set the stage for future expansion.