Sales by discount, mail-order and delivery retailers in South Korea are predicted to rise sharply relative to those of more traditional outlets this year, a report by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry indicated.

The report showed that mail-order and delivery sales are likely to rise 140 per cent on average, discount store sales will increase 31 per cent, convenience stores will see a jump of 25.5 per cent, department store sales will increase 12.9 per cent and supermarkets will get an eight per cent hike in sales this year. But sales at conventional markets will decrease five per cent, the report said.

In the case of mail-order and delivery sales, Internet shopping will be up 200 per cent, reaching 1.2 trillion won ($951m), TV home-shopping will increase 135 per cent at 2 trillion won ($1.58bn) and catalogue shopping will rise 120 per cent at 1.7 trillion won ($1.35bn), the report predicted.

Sales at discount and bulk goods stores will reach 13.3 trillion won ($10.5bn), with more than 50 new discount stores set to open this year.