European sportswear retailer IIC-Intersport International Corporation (IIC) is to expand into China under a new franchise deal agreed with Fujian New Huadu Supercenter Co.

The plans are to open 80 to 100 multi-sport/multi-brand stores in South China from the middle of next year, both under the direction of New Huadu Supercenter as well as with sub-franchise partners. The stores will sell Intersport's private label products.

The Intersport Group has a turnover of more than EUR9.9bn (US$12.9bn) and currently operates 5,400 specialist sports stores in Europe, Canada and the Middle East. In 2010 it expanded to South Korea, with a goal of opening 500 shops in Asia by 2022.

"It is our goal to become market leader in multi-sports, multi-brand retailing in the Asian-Pacific region within the next ten years," said Franz Julen, CEO of IIC-Intersport.