DL1961 jeans fuse softness with enhanced shape retention

DL1961 jeans fuse softness with enhanced shape retention

Fibre business and Lycra owner Invista is teaming up with Tencel developer Lenzing to bring improved performance to stretch denim fabrics.

The cooperation between the two businesses aims to iron out problems encountered by denim mills combining Lycra and Tencel, said Jean Hegedus, Invista’s denim business director.

“As mills began experimenting, they encountered issues such as growth, fabrics not keeping their shape and fabric puckering due to seam slippage,” he explained.

Experiments combining Invista’s Lycra DualFX fabric technology with Tencel have resulted in the development of cellulosic denim fabrics with “significantly improved” shape retention, the two companies said.

Now Invista and Lenzing are to work together to promote the new fabrics, with both companies assigning global sales, marketing and technical teams to the initiative.

These teams will provide joint promotional materials, as well as supply chain support and marketing information, the companies said.