The jeans are made with Invistas dualFX technology

The jeans are made with Invista's dualFX technology

Fibre maker Invista has teamed up with Garmon Chemicals and fabric producer Candiani Denim to develop a range of jeans using low impact finishing treatments specifically designed for elastomeric fabrics.

Invista says the jeans are made with its dualFX technology, which combines two of its stretch fibres - Lycra and Lycra T400 - in a single yarn for fabrics with high stretch and excellent recovery.

The jeans are designed and constructed by Candiani Denim, and finished by The Italian Job, a division of Garmon. 

Garmon's new finishing techniques include Galaxy, which uses a special chemical combination to make the denim look like a "night sky". Coated knee patches, achieved with the use of self-polishing polymers, also provide an "interesting local leather-like effect", the companies say. 

Another effect is achieved by using one of Garmon's new products, FST RW, which helps to retain the original shade and appearance of raw fabric. When used in combination with certain finishes, laundries can create areas of high contrast on the jeans, thus expanding the aesthetic possibilities.

In addition, many of the finishes used on the jeans contain no formaldehyde or potassium permanganate.