Fibre maker Invista has commercially launched its Lycra with W Technology into the North American market, which it says offers a new level of performance in intimate apparel.

The new fibre is said to improve fabric appearance and uniformity, as well as offering improved whiteness retention, uniformity, colour clarity and better molding for fabrics and garments in intimate apparel.

"In response to the market needs we are able to offer our partners Lycra fibre with W Technology that provides styling flexibility and technical and fashion options that weren't possible before," said Steve Stewart, Invista global director of intimate apparel and swimwear.

"Not only does this fibre set a new standard for performance excellence in whites, but it also provides a new level of colour-blending with nylon companion yarns to enable richer and clearer fashion colours.

"This technology package incorporates new spinning technology, and proprietary dye pickup technology that enables the fibre to become the invisible secret that delivers truly visible improvements for today's intimate apparel."