Fibre maker Invista is planning a $500m investment to set up a new manufacturing unit at its site in Victoria, Texas to make raw materials used in the production of nylon.  

The facility already houses its nylon intermediates production and, if given the go-ahead, the new unit would have a capacity to produce in excess of 400,000 tons of anhydrous ammonia annually.

The chemical is used to produce nylon fibre and polymer, which are key components in Invista products such as Cordura, as well as nylon fibre and polymer used in items including apparel.

"While there is much to be done before the project receives final approvals, we are excited to be moving forward into the next phases of the proposed project," said Paul Hughes, Invista Victoria site manager.

Construction would take around 20 months, meaning the new plant could be operational in 2017. It would rank among the world's top 10% of similar facilities in terms of energy efficiency, the company says.

Final project approval depends on factors including a cost analysis, permits from regulatory agencies, and local economic support.