Fibre maker Invista is planning to expand its joint-venture spandex facility in China with a US$99.6m investment to take advantage of growing demand for its products.

Invista Fibers (Foshan) Co Ltd is a joint venture production plant at Xinan Foshan Plastics Group (FSPG) Industrial Park in the Sanshui District of Foshan, in Guangdong Province, which opened in November 2006.

The plant is the largest foreign investment ever made in Guangdong's fibre industry, and its additional investment will be used to build a new 12.5-kiloton spandex plant next to the existing site.

"Invista is well on track to exceed our previously announced global efforts to add approximately 50 kilotons of spandex fibre production in the next three years," said David Duncan, executive vice president.

Since 2006, the company has added, announced or entered into agreements to add more than 45 kilotons of additional spandex capacity.

"We are now looking at another new spandex production site in Asia," added Duncan.

Separately, the company said it is also planning a nylon 6,6 plant in Shanghai to take advantage of the increasing demand in China and Asia for nylon 6,6, intermediates and polymer.

The company intends to construct a new production facility at the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, which it says will be the first of its kind to be built in Asia. Production is due to begin in phases from 2010.