IT systems vendor XeBusiness has launched a new version of its flagship product Xe-ERP.

The company says the new product version - Xe-ERP2 - moves away from the traditional software package approach of a 'one size fits all' design template.

Instead, modules can be rapidly customised right down to individual network workstation level in terms of functionality, workflow and information access options, while maintaining the integrity of the core standard package product for ease of support and maintenance.

Other features include enhanced web enablement for communication and collaboration both internally and also with key customers, suppliers and business partners; 'Sell off the Web' functionality via a partnership between XeBusiness and Leeds-based Shopcreator; specialist features for corporate workwear; and enhanced CRM functionality.

XeBusiness chief executive David Cullis said: "We can now offer a product version largely customised to each client's specific workflow, document formatting and business intelligence requirements without expensive product bespoking.

"Users no longer have to be 'shoe-horned' into a software package structure for cost reasons."