IT company XeBusiness has set up an agency arrangement with Vietnam-based Gartex Solutions Group to re-sell its Xe-ERP apparel software locally.

Although Vietnam’s local labour costs are amongst the lowest in South East Asia, competition with other low cost countries such as China coupled with the need to add value and meet quality and delivery targets requires ‘state-of-the-art’ IT systems.

David Cullis, chief executive of XeBusiness, said: “Textile manufacture and export is expanding at a tremendous rate in the country with a number of major US and EU brands sourcing apparel products from local manufacturers. A stable political system and the very high literacy rate in Vietnam make this country ideal to attract investment”.

Steven Tomilson, president and CEO of Gartex Solutions Group, adds: “We will be marketing both versions of XeB’s specialist production control systems which include their world class Real Time Production Control module.”