Sportswear designer Item-Eyes has implemented the full range of Lectra design and production solutions at its New York design offices and showroom.

The company, a division of Hampshire Group, said the Lectra solutions would allow it to achieve greater design flexibility and fabric optimization.

"One of our chief objectives was to improve our design process in order to introduce fresh new styles and collections to market faster," design director Bunny Bennett said.

"Implementing Lectra's U4ia for design enabled our team to focus on creativity and expand our collection while reducing sampling costs and time.

"Overall, it was clear that Lectra was committed to our success.

"The level of service and dedication Lectra demonstrated during the selection process and throughout implementation was very refreshing."

According to Bennett, Item-Eyes should enjoy substantial annual operations savings through the use of Lectra's automated pattern design and marker creation tools Modaris and Diamino.