Bureau Veritas completed 826 audits for JCPenney over 12 months

Bureau Veritas completed 826 audits for JCPenney over 12 months

US department store chain JC Penney has issued a new sustainability report, in which it reiterates its commitment to responsible sourcing and improving social and environmental standards across its supply chain.

"JC Penney has recently experienced a time of transition and change, but we've never lost our focus on the importance of being socially and environmentally responsible," said chief executive officer Myron Ullman.

In its report for the year ended February 2013, the retailer said it contracted Bureau Veritas to perform independent social compliance audits, with 826 audits completed during the period.

The retail group, one of the largest purchasers of clothing, shoes, accessories and household items to be sold in the US, said its sourcing strategy is to grow its business with its key suppliers and "continue exploring the production capabilities of emerging economies".

It said: "The focus of our supply chain social and environmental responsibility programme is on the manufacturing of JC Penney private brand products and exclusive brand products when we source the merchandise."

In 2012, the company used more than 700 factories across 25 countries for the production of private brands. The number of suppliers that own these factories is far fewer, it said.

In addition, in 2009, JC Penney launched an energy strategy with a goal of reducing energy consumption per square foot by 20% by 2015. As of the end of the calendar year 2012, it had achieved a 16.5% reduction.

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