Spanish garment research and development firm Jeanologia is teaming up with Indian textile manufacturer Arvind Mills to set up a demo centre for its laser and ozone technologies in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Jeanologia, which specialises in denim finishing, told just-style it hopes the move will lead to improved working conditions in jeanswear factories, as well as reduce environmental impact by introducing processes that use less water, energy and chemicals.

"After the successive tragedies that have taken place recently in Bangladesh, we wanted to double our efforts with more than 3m people working in jeans manufacturing," explains Enrique Silla, president of Jeanologia.

He added: "We are aware that we must all do our part and only with technology and training will we be able to eradicate these situations."

According to the company, it has a global presence with clients in 45 countries across five continents, and owns 73% of the world's laser production in the jeanswear sector.

Delegates at the International Apparel Federation's (IAF) World Fashion Convention in China last week also heard how Guangdong province-based denim maker Prosperity Textile, whose clients include BCBG and Levi's, partnered with Jeanologia to achieve the same effect as stone washing, but with less impact on the environment.