Sportswear retailer JJB has contracted retail solutions provider Alphameric to replace its entire EPoS estate with the new Hewlett Packard rp5000 base unit and its own Microsoft Windows-based, Chip & PIN-enabled EPoS solution.

The implementation, to be completed in stages across JJB's 447-store network, will allow the retailer to fully convert to Windows by 2005.

It will include the provision of state-of-the-art infrastructure, including real-time sales data from all stores, complete automation of workflow administration functions and the latest Chip & PIN capability.

According to JJB IT director Mark Macaulay, the company chose Alphameric's service on the basis of easy integration and cost effectiveness.

"Over our 19-year relationship with Alphameric we have always tried to keep at the forefront of development," Macaulay said.

"This project will see us able to fully integrate our systems, benefiting from the latest technology and ensuring we are in a strong position to implement future changes in technology."