The new Jockey bra is measured according to breast shape as well as size

The new Jockey bra is measured according to breast shape as well as size

US apparel maker Jockey International claims to have "reinvented the bra" with a new patented Volumetric Fit System that is said to give women a near-custom fit by focusing on breast shape as well as size.

The result of eight years of research and development, including the 3-D scanning of more than 800 female bodies, the Volumetric Fit System replaces the alphanumeric sizing format that has been used for the past 80 years.

Instead of the more familiar 32A, 34B, 36C sizes, Jockey is proposing 55 new sizes based on the volume of a woman's breast, as well as her under-bust measurement.

The resulting combinations would give sizes like 1-30, 7-36 and 9-42, where the first measurement of 1-10 relates to the volumetric fit cup sizes and the second is the under-bust measurement in seven different band sizes ranging from 30 to 42.

Jockey claims the new fit system - which requires women to fit their breasts into one of ten plastic cups in varying shapes which can be ordered as part of its special Fit Kit - will help women find their perfect fit no matter what style. It has also replaced the often uncomfortable underwire with a patented 3-D Contour support to hold, cup and shape the breast.

Once women determine their size, they can select from five Jockey bra style options, including Classic Contour, Tailored Contour, Double-Lined Contour, Classic-Soft Cup and Double-Lined Soft Cup. They will then choose from three colours: black, nude and white.

Each bra retails at $60, and Jockey has also pledged not discontinue any style.

"We knew we had to come to market with the best possible product in order to really make a difference in women's lives, which is why it took us eight years to develop the new Jockey bra and its revolutionary Volumetric Fit System," said Sally Tomkins, senior vice president of design, research and product development.

"Through our research, and countless hours of testing and talking with women, we are confident we are answering women's desire for the perfect-fitting bra."

Jockey says its "revolution in bra innovation" is long overdue, given that research shows 75% of women have difficulty finding a bra that fits properly and a staggering 85% are wearing the wrong size. Women are also frustrated with improper fit and inconsistencies between brands.