A team of customs officers from Hong Kong and the US is due to visit textile and apparel factories in Hong Kong next month as part of moves to combat illegal trans-shipment of textile and clothing products.

The visits will last for about two weeks, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) said, and will also "facilitate legitimate textiles and clothing trade between the two places."

Mr Cheung Sai-yan, head of trade controls at the customs and excise department, added that the joint visits will "keep the US up-to-date on the manufacture of textiles and clothing products in Hong Kong and the implementation of Hong Kong's origin control programme for textiles and clothing exports.

"The visits will also facilitate a better understanding by the US Customs authorities of the effectiveness of Hong Kong's origin control system in ensuring that textiles and clothing exports claiming to be products of Hong Kong are genuinely manufactured in Hong Kong." 

Factories will be warned in advance of the visits, which are due to begin on 6 March and will last for two weeks. 

Mr Cheung said: "Enforcement activities, if necessary, will be undertaken by Hong Kong Customs officers independently and separately from the visits."