The most-read stories on just-style this week include the Walt Disney Company's decision to phase out sourcing from Pakistan, VF to introduce three innovation centres, and garment and footwear workers in Cambodia are now paid higher wages. 

US: Walt Disney Company to phase out Pakistan sourcing
The Walt Disney Company (WDC) is to phase out the sourcing of Disney-branded products from Bangladesh, Belarus, Ecuador, Pakistan and Venezuela over concerns the countries no longer meet its guidelines on working conditions.

US: VF innovation hubs to drive ‘must-have' products
Apparel giant VF Corporation is to create three global innovation centres to speed the development of "game-changing" products in technical apparel, footwear and jeans. 

CAMBODIA: Higher minimum wages now in place
Workers in Cambodia's garment and footwear sectors are now being paid at least US$80 per month for regular working hours after a new minimum wage went into effect in May. 

EGYPT: Factories remain open despite political chaos
While Egypt's economy is reeling from ongoing political instability following the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood-led government in July, clothing manufacturers are still operating and completing orders. 

US: Continues to back yarn-forward in TPP pact
US negotiators in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade talks say they continue to back the yarn-forward rule of origin in textiles and apparel, despite noting this is one of the "most sensitive" issues in the discussions.