Womens & girls apparel manufacturing in the US is one report featured in this weeks research roundup

Women's & girls' apparel manufacturing in the US is one report featured in this week's research roundup

The latest reports from just-style's research store include a look at specialist apparel and footwear retailers in Sweden, a profile of value fashion retailer Primark, and an overview of women's and girls' apparel manufacturing in the US. 

  • Apparel and footwear specialist retailers in Sweden
    After a slow start with declining demand in early 2013, specialist apparel retailers in Sweden saw a recovery during the rest of the year, resulting in total current value sales growth of 1% over the previous year. However, the modest growth was a result of continuing caution among many consumers due to ongoing economic uncertainty. Many shoppers sought special prices and discount offers to cut costs, and only bought products which were necessary.
  • Primark Stores Ltd in retailing (United Kingdom)
    After a highly proactive start to 2013 with four new store openings, Primark spent the second half of the year consolidating on its strong position in apparel and footwear specialist retailers. The company is in the process of completing the expansion of its Manchester and Newcastle stores, which are set to comprise much of the increase expected in the retailer's selling space over the course of the year.
  • Antimicrobial fibres, fabrics and apparel: innovative weapons against infection
    The demand for antimicrobial fibres, fabrics and apparel has increased sharply since the mid-1990s, due to growing awareness among consumers of the importance of personal hygiene and the health risks posed by certain microorganisms. As a result, there is a new generation of antimicrobial products on the market, which offer protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria and can withstand up to 100 launderings. This report investigates.
  • Profile of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle: a leading retailer of premium branded apparel in India
    This report highlights the company's development, corporate structure, brands and products, joint ventures, and retail and distribution network. It also provides insight in the company's business strategy, markets, competition, challenges, research and development (R&D), corporate social responsibility (CSR) and financial performance, as well as an outlook for the future.
  • Footwear (Asia) industry report
    This footwear (Asia) analysis provides a detailed overview of the market and delivers a comprehensive individual analysis on the top 1,000 companies. These include An Lac Footwear Joint Stock Co (Alsimex), Asics Korea Co Ltd and Bata Shoe (Singapore) Private Ltd.
  • Women's & girls' apparel manufacturing in the US - Industry market research report
    The industry is experiencing contraction as most major manufacturers move production offshore to countries with cheaper labour costs. According to this report, significant import penetration will continue to impede revenue growth as consumers demand low-cost apparel. However, developed countries such as the UK and Japan will seek out high-quality American products, allowing industry exports to experience modest growth.
  • Womenswear: Global industry almanac
    The global womenswear industry guide provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information such as market size (value and volume, and forecast to 2017). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players, including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market.
  • Menswear: Global industry almanac
    This report looks at how the market performed over the last five years and what the size of the global menswear market will be in 2017. It considers what factors are affecting the strength of competition in the global menswear market and how large the global menswear market is in relation to its regional counterparts.