Kmart Corporation and JOE BOXER, a wholly-owned division of Windsong/Allegiance Apparel Group, today announced a long-term exclusive agreement that will bring JOE BOXER merchandise to Kmart's 2,100 retail outlets across the US.

The announcement was made at the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) by Kmart Chairman and CEO Chuck Conaway, JOE BOXER CEO Bill Sweedler and JOE BOXER founder Nicholas Graham.

"This deal is a cornerstone for the further development of the JOE BOXER brand," said Graham. "With a Kmart within 15 minutes of 90 per cent of the US population and a customer base of 130 million people over the age of 18, we'll be able to expand our 80 per cent brand awareness."

The JOE BOXER brand, available in Kmart stores in the fall of 2002, will include men's, women's and children's apparel, as well as other merchandise, and will be supported with specially designed in-store fixturing.