Up to 60,000 production jobs, many in the clothing and textile industry, are at risk due to a dispute between knitting factory bosses and workers, the Bangkok Post reported Monday.

The paper said more 120 factory owners along the Thai-Burmese border have threatened to move or close if the operator of a knitting factory loses a labour dispute worth $110,000.

Suchart Wisuwan, chairman of Tak's industrial council, said 127 operators were closely monitoring the row between the Nut Knitting Partnership Limited and 34 Burmese workers.

"If both sides can reach an agreement, they all win. But if the operator loses, both sides will lose in the end," he told the Post.

"Factory operators may relocate or simply close. A production system worth more than eight billion baht will stop and about 50,000-60,000 jobs will disappear."

Last month, around 380 Burmese workers at knitwear firm King Body Concept were fired and subsequently reported in a dispute over wages.