A digital textile printing system that enhances hand feel quality by enabling printing on dark garments without the need for a white layer base, has been launched bt Kornit Digital.

The system features two print heads that apply discharge chemicals to remove dye molecules from dark garments, providing a smooth base for CMYK and white printing while eliminating the need for pre-treatment processes.

Kornit Digital said the solution will help businesses achieve higher revenues and shorter turnaround times by using less white ink layers and by eliminating the need for a costly pre-treatment process.

"We are delighted to meet the fashion market demand for soft hand feel of the finished printed product," said Sarel Ashkenazi, vice president, marketing and business development.

"The Kornit Avalanche DC Pro with its unique combination of discharge and white ink will enable printing businesses to step into the fashion market and maximise value and customer satisfaction in this highly demanding segment."