Women's apparel maker Kymsta Corp is to appeal a federal court ruling that restricted its use of the Quiksilver-owned 'Roxy' trademark.

The Los Angeles-based company, which was stripped of the ability to license or advertise its 'Roxywear' line as a result of the ruling, will cite erroneous and unreasonable court decisions in its appeal.

According to Kymsta CFO Arthur Pereira, the decision to appeal was made after a period of reflection on the original ruling.

"At first, we were pleased with the trial result because we were allowed to sell Roxywear clothing to any retailer," he said.

"However, upon further reflection, we believe some of the court's decisions were erroneous and that some of the restrictions imposed upon our business are unreasonable."

Surfwear company Quiksilver is based in Huntington Beach, California.