Two people including a leather factory owner and a labourer were killed in Pakistan when a mob of hundreds of people, including factory workers, attacked the factory over a blasphemy accusation.

The incident occurred after a rumour that Mian Najib Zafar, the owner of Eastern leather factory, had allegedly set on fire Quranic verses inscribed on a calendar in the factory.

About one thousand labourers encircled the factory and set the factory on fire. Cross fire between the labourers and a factory guard left labourer Muzammil Shah and factory owner Zafar dead, and two other labourers injured.

just-style has also learnt there was a dispute between management and workers over the wages at the plant.

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) vice chairman Akber Sheikh has expressed deep sorrow and grief over the murder and asked the government for a thorough investigation into the incident.

By Ahmed Abdullah.