A long-running dispute at the DESA leather factory in Turkey has come to an end after the company agreed to reinstate some former workers and give priority to others when it hires new staff. 

The decision brings to a close a year-long battle at the factory, whose customers include Prada, Debenhams, M&S, Mulberry, Aspinalls of London, Nicole Fahri and Luella.

Problems began last year, when workers began joining the Turkish leather workers union Deri Is in protest at long hours, low wages and poor conditions.

The factory retaliated by dismissing union leaders and members, and running a campaign of harassment and intimidation against the union.

However, DESA and Deri Is have now agreed to reinstate a total of 12 dismissed workers. DESA also says it will recognise Deri Is as the single authorised union at the factory.

The Clean Clothes Campaign, which led the fight to reinstate the workers saying they were "unfairly and illegally dismissed," is now urging buyers to stand behind the factory.

"We hope that this protocol will mark the beginning of a constructive relationship between the two parties and long-term respect for the human rights of workers," says Paige Shipman, urgent appeals coordinator for the Clean Clothes Campaign.