CAD/CAM developer Lectra has launched an updated version of its Diamino automatic marker-making solution, which it claims will help fashion and footwear firms make significant fabric savings and improve productivity.

The DiaminoFashion and DiaminoFootwear software can be used in either interactive (manual) or automatic modes.

Interactive marker-making requires some initial intervention from the user to prepare the markers on-screen for fabric pieces to be cut during production.

The automatic method is entirely managed by Diamino, and can contribute to increased productivity by letting the software process a list of markers in the background or overnight, without an operator.

The combination of these two methods, says Lectra, means high volumes of markers using simple pieces can be launched automatically, with consequent time savings and improved efficiency.

The marker maker is then free to concentrate on the quality of markers using more complex pieces so that fabric use can be maximised.

"The ability to combine these two modes of a considerable competitive advantage for our customers," said Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO. 

In markets where margins are generally low and where fabric represents more than 50% of the cost of the finished article, the software's quoted material savings of 2-4% take on real meaning.
A small- or medium-sized fashion company producing $10m in garments per year, could save $100,000 per year in fabric costs, for example.