Viscose fibre maker Lenzing AG is to add the Viloft brand from Kelheim Fibres GmbH to its global portfolio in a move that expands the range of fibre technologies on offer to the textile market.

Under the arrangement, Lenzing will market Viloft as one of its own branded fibres under the name Lenzing Viloft.

"Co-operation with Lenzing to market Viloft will rapidly expand the fibre's potential," says Matthew North, head of sales for Viloft.

"Taking advantage of the Lenzing group's international presence with marketing organisations in every continent will clearly accelerate Viloft's expansion in the global market."

With its flat fibre cross-section, Viloft creates air pockets in the textile which act as a buffer against the cold, offers good insulation and is ideal for warm clothing.

Conventional viscose fibres, on the other hand, tend to be smooth and cooling when worn next to the skin.