The Hilados de Espana group of yarn and fabric manufacturers is now mounting a publicity campaign aimed at trade buyers with the group slogan 'Let Spain Dress You Up'.

The campaign has the support of the Spanish Insitute of Foreign Trade and aims to restore international market confidence in Spanish goods.

Ironically, figures just released by Consejo Intertextil Espanol show 200l started brilliantly for the Spanish textile industry.

During the first six months of 2001 the value of export sales hit the all-time record level of one billion pesetas (6,010.121 euros) a rise of l4 per cent on figures for the equivalent period of the previous year. However, home market demand also slowed up in late 200l and early 2002.

Spanish market analysts insist that they can turn the present situation around and return to the pattern of consistent, 15 per cent year-on-year growth enjoyed during the ten years prior to last autumn.

And many experts believe that the solution to Spain's problems will be found in markets outside the EU nations, the United States and Mexico whose custom has traditional contributed up to 70 per cent of all export revenues. These 'new' markets include the Middle East and Latin America.

By Sonia Roberts.