Apparel manufacturer and retailer Levi Strauss has filed a lawsuit against market rival Polo Ralph Lauren for allegedly using pocket stitching that is confusingly similar to its own.

Levi Strauss told just-style today (25 July) that the complaint, filed in the federal court of San Francisco, had not been served but that the jeans firm would first open talks with Polo Ralph Lauren.

Levi's spokesperson EJ Bernacki said: "We are optimistic that we will be able to make an amicable agreement."

Polo Ralph Lauren said in a statement: "As a company with a strong brand identity, which owns unique intellectual property and recognises the importance of protecting its valuable trademark rights, Polo Ralph Lauren takes this subject matter very seriously.

"While we have not yet been served with this complaint, we believe that the designs at issue are clearly distinguishable from those of Levi's."