The next phase of production trials for apparel products made using the Crailar Flax fibre is about to get underway after the final large-scale commercialisation trial with Barnhardt Manufacturing was completed this month.

The resulting fibre will now go to partner brands including Levi Strauss for further production trials that would typically precede a large-scale production run for retail.

The amount of fibre delivered could yield as many as 50,000 units of a regular Levi's product, according to Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc (NAT), which produces and markets the fibre.

"This is a validating step for Crailar as we demonstrate the ability of our technology to scale without risk, and as we finalise the completion of our full scale production facility in Pamplico, South Carolina," said Ken Barker, CEO of NAT.

"Most importantly, this is a key milestone as we look to expand finished products available at retail."

Crailar, which is made from flax, hemp and other bast fibres, results in a sustainable, natural product that feels and can be cared for like cotton.