Lilli Group Inc, a prominent manufacturer and importer of casual clothing and sportswear, has selected the Essentus Vision suite of applications as an integrated software solution to enable faster turnaround of customer orders and gain a clearer picture of manufacturing costs and profitability.

The Lilli Group, based in New Jersey, serves many of the foremost private label retailers. The new system is expected to allow the company to reduce order lead-times, resolve supply chain issues, and provide detailed accountability of manufacturing costs, thus delivering a clearer picture of profitability.

The Essentus supply chain solution is comprised of the Vision Sourcing and Vision Demand Management modules. Vision Sourcing defines the production
paths and critical steps for all products including bills of material and resource requirements. Vision Demand Management provides sales order status and tracking information needed for up to the minute customer service inquiries.

The Lilli Group is expected to benefit from better visibility of its raw material requirements, allowing for more cost-effective procurement and production utilisation. Furthermore, plant capacity can be optimised through better visibility of production resources.

"The system will give us a more detailed picture of our manufacturing costs and will provide tools to measure and analyse our business, helping us to decide what works and what doesn't and which products are profitable," said Michael Meyers-Jouan, MIS director of the Lilli Group.