Zimbabwe's textile industry is facing impending crisis with a shortage of lint set to halt production and lead to job losses at many of the nation's textile manufacturers, industry officials have warned.

According to The Herald newspaper, the majority of ginneries are exporting all their lint rather than selling it to local producers as they can fetch more money on the international market.

Up to 8,000 jobs are now at risk unless more of the lint begins finding its way to local textile manufacturers, Zimbabwe Textiles Manufacturers Association chairman, Ronny Zlattner, told the paper.

"We have non-Zimbabweans on the supply side, who do not have the interest of the industry at heart," he said. He called on the government to take urgent action to resolve the situation before the industry – which recently employed 25,000 people – falls into crisis.

Mr Zlattner also told the paper that companies are now trying to keep employment at current levels and optimising production.