Protective uniform maker Lion Apparel has launched its new 'multi-threat garment', which is claimed to provide a new level of protection for bio-terrorism, natural disaster first responders, and drug enforcement agents.

Tactix MT94 is designed to give protection against a variety of threats including chemical/biological terrorism agents.

Lion president and chief operating officer Steve Schwartz said: "The launch of this product comes after a challenging two-year development process".

The MT94 was principally designed to offer a high level of vapour protection, which is required to protect against selected chemical/biological terrorism agents. MT94's other uses include technical rescue, confined space rescue, high-risk entries such as narcotics labs, and bomb secondary-threat protection.

In addition to guarding against challenges identified in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1994 and 1992 standards, the MT94 also offers protection against flame and 'weaponised' chemical and biological agents.

The MT94 contains Gore Chempak Ultra Barrier fabric; a thin, lightweight, and high-strength PTFE film with a tough Nomex outer shell. The fabric is designed to allow a significant reduction in weight and bulk, enabling a greater range of motion, increased mobility, and ease of putting on and taking off.

Lion Apparel, which has offices in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Australia, serves the uniform and personal protective equipment and logistics requirements of police and fire departments, civilian government agencies, emergency services and military organisations.