Catalogue apparel retailer LL Bean has become the target of a lawsuit by Claria Corp, just weeks after filing suits against four companies associated with the online advertising firm.

Claria, which uses tracking software to generate pop-up ads for corporate clients, filed its own case against LL Bean on June 3.

In the suit, it alleged LL Bean's filings were "frivolous" and an attempt to "intimidate" its competitors.

"This move by LL Bean reveals that they are fearful they cannot win on the legal merits of their long-standing lawsuit against Claria," the adware company's CEO Jeff McFadden said in a statement.

"We are outraged by LL Bean's irresponsible tactics, and have asked the court for damages relating to their reckless actions and anti-competitive and anti-consumer behaviour."

According to Claria, two of the retailers sued by LL Bean, Nordstrom and JC Penney, no longer used the company's web services and have not done so for well over a year.

It also claimed that one of the remaining two companies had never been a Claria customer, while the other had never purchased inventory in the apparel category.

LL Bean filed its lawsuits in May over claims that pop-up advertising by competitors had infringed its trademark rights.