Outerwear manufacturer London Fog has asked a Washington bankruptcy court to throw out a US$7m claim against it, saying it does not owe any money.

London Fog, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month and sold its Pacific Trail brand to Columbia Sportswear for $20.4m, said the court should throw out the claim by UK textile company Broome & Wellington.

The claim relates to the sale by Broome & Wellington of Homestead Fabrics - but London Fog said it had paid in full for Homestead through a number of transactions last year.

In fact, London Fog said Broome & Wellington owed it a "significant" amount of money and should be made to pay damages by the court.

It also asked the court to bar the British company from proceeding with a case in the UK against two London Fog executives involved in the purchase, CEO David Greenstein and operations chief Steven Greenstein.