The founder of yoga wear brand Lululemon Athletica has criticised the retailer's board for a second time after members held a "virtual" annual shareholder meeting via a voice-only webcast.

Chip Wilson, who remains the brand's largest shareholder with almost 14.2% of the company's shares – which he claims are worth US$1.35bn – stated the company has become "unresponsive" in an op-ed published by Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper. He added the board should be "aligned with the creation of shareholder value, not at odds with it".

"I hope the company's board will be more transparent, responsive and not combative with me in making this happen," he writes.

Wilson continues by saying the "misnamed" meeting "lacked any transparency" and criticised the board for the decision which prevented shareholders from personally asking questions, instead requesting they were submitted previously by email. He claims the submissions were then "vetted and read or recast by the board" with only four "softball" questions selected and addressed. 

He adds: "An annual meeting is the one opportunity shareholders have to look management in the eye, to interact with them and Lululemon took that away."

Wilson says he requested time to address shareholders at Lululemon's AGM but was denied the opportunity.

In the op-ed, Wilson reiterates his call for the board to be declassified, with all shareholders exercising the right to vote in board members every year. He writes "if this board views a quarterly beat of "managed" analyst expectations off of a low base as success, I am that much more convinced that change is needed".

He adds: "If this is not the right board and team, shareholders should not be required to wait years to course correct, if that is what they want to do".

The op-ed comes almost one week after Wilson – who founded the company in 1998 and stepped down in February last year – criticised the retailer's board in an open letter to shareholders, stating the company has "lost its way" and claiming a "call to action is needed".

Lululemon founder claims company has "lost its way"

Separately, Lululemon Athletica today (8 June) reported strong first-quarter sales growth fuelled by the rise of online shopping and the opening of new stores. Net revenue increased by 17% to $495.5m in the three months to 1 May.

Lululemon Q1 fuelled by online and store growth