Lululemon has inked a strategic partnership with Noble Biomaterials, which will give the sportswear brand exclusive use of Noble's X-Static antimicrobial technology in its performance apparel.

"An alliance with a top athletic brand like Lululemon advances Noble's mission to be the premier provider of bacterial and odour management solutions," said Jeff Keane, CEO of Noble Biomaterials.

"We share a vision with Lululemon to keep both people and products performing at their best, making it a winning partnership for each company."

Noble Biomaterials has provided Lululemon with its X-Static technology for the group's Silverescent fabric since 2005. Made with 99.9% pure metallic silver, X-Static is designed to provide permanent odour protection by naturally inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the surface of fabrics.

The X-Static fibre is woven directly into the garment and will not wash out over time through laundering. 

"Lululemon has worked with Noble for nearly a decade to differentiate our products and we welcome the opportunity to solidify this partnership," said Lululemon CEO Christine Day.

"This unique opportunity allows us to continue to innovate our technical product with X-Static, which has helped Lululemon set the industry standard by using the most powerful silver fabric technology to create our Silverescent fabrics, and secure our leadership position in the "anti-stink" athletic apparel market."