Yoga-inspired apparel company Lululemon Athletica confirmed to just-style it has removed from its corporate manifesto claims that sweet fizzy drinks like Coke and Pepsi will be known as "the cigarettes of the future".

However, a spokesman for the Canadian company denied that it had come under any pressure from soft drinks companies, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi - brands directly mentioned in the claims.

"The company updates the manifesto periodically with new thoughts and new ideas," he told just-style. "It was changed not in response to anything specific."

The athletic clothing manufacturer had previously stated on its website: "Coke, Pepsi and all other pops will be known as the cigarettes of the future. Colas are not a substitute for water. They are just another cheap drug made to look great by advertising."

The removal of the claims follows controversy over Lululemon's earlier claims of health benefits from wearing garments manufactured using its VitaSea fabric. Although the company refuted allegations last year that the clothing did not, as claimed, contain seaweed, it did remove claims as to its ability to provide a number of health-enhancing features.