UK department store chain Debenhams says that sales of traditional long-sleeved check shirts have shot up 65% compared to last year.

Debenhams said the lumberjack-style shirt surge has been inspired by the likes of Prince Harry, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Robert Pattinson wearing them.

It has brought in more lumberjack styles to cope with the demand, a statement said.

Ruth Attridge, spokesperson for Debenhams said: "Although the lumberjack look is back in vogue, the chunky check shirt is now more likely to be worn out on the town than slogging away in the forests.

"Modern man has been influenced by these uber-masculine folklore heroes, but unlike the figure made famous by Monty Python, these days lumberjack shirts are more likely to be worn with a t-shirt underneath, not lingerie."