The differing shopping habits of luxury consumers in Shanghai and New York are analysed in a new study from digital direct marketing business ContactLab.

The Luxury Digital Behaviour Study offers an insight into the relationship between consumers in the two cities and high-end clothing and accessory products, as well as measuring the positioning and appeal of 20 luxury brands.

The study is based on a survey of about 1,000 residents of each city, aged 25 to 54.

It confirms the “enormous opportunities” offered by Shanghai: in the last year, four-fifths of individuals have made at least one luxury purchase, spending on average about US$1,000, compared to $500 in New York.

Consumers in Shanghai also say they will do so again in the next six months, spending more than 66% above their New York counterparts.

However, there are some similarities: consumers in both cities are likely to visit a brand website before making a purchase, and also rely on recommendations from magazines and friends – the latter especially in Shanghai.

Meanwhile, 35% of New York consumers and 31% of those in Shanghai choose to be kept informed of brand communications via email.

But, while fashion buying in China is said to be closely linked to the display of a person’s spending capacity, New Yorkers are more likely to show greater affection for individual brands.

The study will be available to purchase from ContactLab in the next few weeks.