Finnish software supplier Major Blue is to distribute and support Gerber's PDM and WebPDM product data management software.

The system will be marketed as part of the Major Blue product range in Nordic and Baltic countries. Major Blue is a well established supplier of ERP systems in these countries and employs approximately 130 people.

The company's product data management offerings will be enhanced by the acquisition of Animated Images Sweden by Resco AB, parent company of Major Blue. During the coming months the two companies will work together to help transition users of Animated Image's StyleManager and SpecNet software. 
"By integrating product data management into enterprise resource planning and further, into customer relationship management, and by making good use of the latest Internet technology, we will enhance our customers' business operations and intensify the co-operation and interaction between our customers and their customers," commented Markku Pekkola, managing director of Major Blue Company.
WebPDM is a "live" data management system used by retailers and manufacturers worldwide to reduce product development cycles, track changes and avoid costly errors in miscommunication. It stores all the details related to a product including measurement specifications, construction details, costing and bill of material information, photographs and technical sketches, video and voice annotation files. Users have access to changes instantly. Information contained in WebPDM can be communicated using traditional means, such as a local area network or wide area network, or the Internet.