Demand for Australian merino wool in China is on the rise thanks to more growing interest from consumers about the provenance of the materials used to make their clothes. 

"Chinese consumers are now showing a real interest in ingredient branding," said Rob Langtry, chief strategy and marketing officer at the Woolmark Company.

"That means not just the garment itself and the style of it, but the story behind it - how the fabric's made, where the fibre comes from, and what makes it special."

The Woolmark Company is the flagship organisation of the Australian Wool producers who supply 90% of the fine wool that is used in premium and luxury garments.

Langtry believes one of the key reasons why Chinese fashion shoppers are becoming more discerning and sophisticated is the increased international travel that many can now afford.

"A lot of more affluent Chinese people are spending a lot more time in overseas in cities like Hong Kong, London, Paris and New York. And increasingly they're looking for the same kind of quality and added value that shoppers in those places look for."

Leading Chinese and international textile companies, such as Youngor and Cerrutti 1881, have made their use of Australian Merino wool a key component of their collections that have proved very popular with Chinese consumers.