Mould prevention specialist Micro-Pak is expanding its global reach with the opening a new technical office in Vietnam and plans to add an additional office in Bangladesh.

The company says its latest offices will help expand the factory services it offers in key manufacturing regions around the world. 

Last year, Micro-Pak performed 2,375 factory audits and executed nearly 12,000 individual mould tests at factories or on product samples. For both its footwear and garment factory audits, Micro-Pak nearly doubled the number of inspection points, adding a new level of detail to further help manufacturing facilities make necessary improvements.

"Our customers have come to rely on us to prevent mould throughout the supply chain," says Sal Cesario, global sales and marketing manager for Micro-Pak. "These services are part of our commitment to helping prevent mould from factory to retail."

The company evaluates all areas of the facility, from the incoming material warehouse through each stage of production to final export procedures and uses specialised tools to give factories a score and identify areas of improvement. It also tests a factory's UV tunnels to ensure they are working properly and effectively to eliminate mould.