Mont-Royal Dye Inc, one of the largest textile dying facilities in Canada, has merged with Grand Entertainment and Music.

Mr Adham Zulfikar, Mont-Royal's CEO, said: "Mont-Royal has begun publicly trading under the symbol GENM. This is a very important milestone for Mont-Royal, and its shareholders, as it now allows us the ability for expansion and increased capitalisation."

Mr Zulfikar added that the merger will also allow Mont-Royal to continue to expand through acquisitions. "Our sales forecasts for the current fiscal year, ending 31 July, are projected to reach in excess of $15 million, and a projected gross profit to exceed $4.8 million.

"We feel this merger, and increased profits will greatly assist Mont-Royal in our ultimate goal of applying for a large exchange listing."

Mont-Royal Dye House dyes yarns for a number of industries, including apparel, as well as for military and law-enforcement agencies. The woven and knitted yarns include hi-tech fibres such as Kevlar and Cool Max.