As part of its ongoing efforts to improve the safety of garment-ready (RMG) factories in Bangladesh, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety says its executive director James Moriarty will take on more responsibilities as its new country director.

In this new role Moriarty, former US Ambassador to Bangladesh, will lead oversight and outreach activities with key stakeholders in Bangladesh's government, garment industry, and non-governmental and non-profit organisations.

He will also spend time working with partners to support the Bangladesh government and industry to sustain and expand the reach of garment factory improvements after the Alliance comes to a close in 2018.

"We're thrilled to have Ambassador Moriarty on board in this expanded leadership role," says Ellen Tauscher, independent chair of the Alliance. "He is extremely qualified and has a deep commitment to our mission and the garment workers of Bangladesh."

Moriarty says he is looking forward to having more active engagement with key stakeholders, which will help achieve the vision of a safer RMG industry for Bangladeshi workers.

He adds: "I am confident we can progress toward our goal of ensuring Bangladesh's garment factories and workers remain safe after 2018, and I'm proud to help chart the course on this effort."

Ambassador Moriarty takes on his expanded leadership role as managing director Rabin Mesbah transitions to lead the Building and Fire Safety division of Elevate, the management firm responsible for designing, managing and executing all Alliance remediation and training efforts in Bangladesh.