Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) of Vancouver, Canada and Rocky Shoes and Boots Inc in Nelsonville, OH, have licensed Geac's System21 Style software to manage their manufacturing and distribution operations.
MEC, a member-owned and directed outdoor products retailer, System21 Style will allow the company to optimise its workflow and productivity. According to project manager Sharon Umbach, MEC will also "enjoy access to the system from anywhere via the Internet and employ a contract manufacturing system that offers full integration to our merchandise management system."
The software also offers MEC the ability to track raw materials at landed cost, issue purchase orders in foreign currencies, receive goods in Canadian dollars and maintain detailed inventory records, including management of raw materials held at the contractor factories.

Manufacturer and distributor Rocky Shoes and Boots installed System21 Style's SellIT ecom solution to help it address its product lifecycle process. SellIT ecom is an interactive business-to-business e-commerce solution that lets customers of apparel or footwear companies use the Internet to place and track orders, check order history and review account information.

According to Ed Johnson, director of MIS at Rocky: "We were looking at a way to give our middle-tier customers [those who place between $5,000 and $50,000 worth of orders per year] a convenient method for placing orders and checking order status but, at the same time, reducing the volume of calls being placed to our customer service representatives." Rocky wants to be in a position to provide customer service to a growing client base without having to increase the size of its customer service department.

Johnson added: "SellIT ecom will enable us to more effectively communicate marketing campaigns and special promotions to selected mid-tier customers. These two factors, when combined, should lead to an increase in the average number of orders placed by our customers."