The Shwop Coat will be available in selected M&S stores and online for GBP89 (US$143.00) from 10 October

The 'Shwop Coat' will be available in selected M&S stores and online for GBP89 (US$143.00) from 10 October

Marks & Spencer has launched the first garment made through the closed-loop production process from recycled clothes donated by customers through its ‘Shwopping’ scheme.

The 'Shwop Coat', which is made from wool from old or unwanted clothing donated by M&S customers, will be available in selected stores and online for GBP89 (US$143.00) from next week. M&S says the price is just half of what it would be if made from virgin wool.

"The Shwop Coat marks a huge step forwards for creating a sustainable future for fashion," said Mark Sumner, M&S Plan A Expert.

"Our Shwop coat is the perfect example of what is possible from Shwopping, and we really hope it will lead to more of our customers shwopping so we can make even more garments made from their old and unwanted clothes."

As part of the "Shwopping" campaign, which was launched in April, M&S wants customers to donate an unwanted piece of clothing when they buy a new one.
The retailer aims to recycle as many clothes as it sells - 350m a year.

Donated garments that cannot be resold through charity Oxfam are instead shipped to Italy, reduced to fibre, cleaned and made into new fabric to pass onto M&S suppliers to produce Shwopped items.

As part of the company's ongoing sustainability strategy, M&S wants all of its products to have a Plan A attribute by 2020.

Earlier this year, the retailer unveiled what it called the "world's most sustainable suit" with everything from the buttons to the lining having been sourced from the most sustainable materials available.