UK clothing retailer Marks and Spencer has launched a new 15-piece capsule fashion range made with more sustainable fabrics as part of its Indigo casual wear collection.

Every garment is made with an element of organic, recycled or Fairtrade cotton or sustainably sourced modal or Tencel, the company said.

The Indigo Green collection features Fairtrade cotton, which supports small scale cotton farmers, while organic cotton is grown without the use of unnecessary chemicals and pesticides. Tencel and modal are made using more sustainable raw materials.

Narinda Leon, design manager for Indigo & Limited Collection, said the new line is aimed at women wanting "fashion with a conscience."

The seventies-inspired collection includes dresses, skirts, jackets and waistcoats priced from US$24.57 to US$73.71 (GBP15.00 to GBP45.00).