A range of multifilament security yarns that can be woven into labels, fabrics and ribbons has been developed by taggant technology specialist Microtrace.

The Microtaggant Security Yarns offer security against counterfeiting, and are uniquely encoded to each customer or application.

They can also be easily authenticated in the field with inexpensive readers and detectors, the company says.

"For years the sewn garment industry has expressed great interest in Microtaggant Identification Particles," says Brian Brogger, vice president of Microtrace.

"However, due to the size of the Microtaggant particle, they could not be incorporated into multifilament yarns and applied efficiently. After several years of development, we are pleased to offer the first security yarn with multiple levels of security."

The security yarns can be dyed any colour and behave like a standard multifilament yarn that can be used in any woven structure.