Australian wool growers producing superfine merino of 14.5 micron quality are about to embark on a major promotional campaign designed to sell more of their clip into Japan.

The target market will be the better end of the men's wear trade. The campaign will introduce a new trademark - the Ramshead - which will instantly identify  products using superfine Australian merino to the Japanese consumer.

The project's first shipment has already been purchased by Itochur Wool Ltd and will be spun into yarn by specialist processors like Toyobo working with the Miyuki weaving enterprise and the Toabo spinning and weaving group.

Garment manufacturers include Onward Kashiyama which is looking to turn out 2- 3,000 suits in theUS$1,500-3,500 price range.

In the first 12 months of the scheme Miyukitex Ourearth aims to put around 1,000 suits priced at US$1,350 onto stockists' rails.

By Sonia Roberts.