Melbourne-based The Specialty Group has launched a new luminous textile coating which the company claims will glow in the dark for more than three hours after only 12 minutes' exposure to natural light.

The product, called Energlo, uses photo-luminescent crystals which both absorb and emit light, dispersed within several layers of the company's waterproof breathable coatings.

These coatings can then be applied to a variety of face fabrics that will ultimately be used for wet weather clothing where additional night-time visibility is required.

The company believes the product will be especially useful for the emergency services attending traffic accidents at night, but adds that there is also interest from skiwear and snowboard wear manufacturers.

Daniel Liepnik, The Specialty Group's vice president of international sales & marketing, said: "Where the safety of law enforcement officers and ambulance and paramedic crews are involved, adding greater visibility to clothing at night is only going to make them safer and more easily seen than by conventional high-visibility fabrics or reflective tapes alone."